Reading Group Guides

We have Reading Group Guides available for several of our titles:


  • Friendshifts



  • Untimely Death


Young adult fiction

  • Atom and Eve


You have permission to distribute, share, print, or publish these Reading Group Guides for your reading group as long as nothing is edited or changed. Please give permission to the publisher for these materials. Used by permission of Hannacroix Creek Books,Inc., Stamford, CT


If your reading group would like to select another title published by our company for its group discussion and a guide would be useful to you, please let us know. If it’s possible to create a guide for that title, we will do so.


Thank you for your interest in our books!

Atom and Eve Reading Group Guide

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Friendshifts Reading Group Guide

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Untimely Death Reading Group Guide

Download (PDF, Unknown)