Featured Authors and Books


Featured Authors:

 drjanyager-SmallPhotoCMYK  Jan Yager is a sociologist and the award-winning author of 35+ nonfiction and fiction titles translated into 30+ languages.
 Priscilla Orr  Priscilla Orr is a New Jersey-based award-winning poet and English college professor.
 JeffYager-photo  Jeff Yager, who has studied professional wrestling and now works for a major international food franchise, is a debut novelist.
 SethAlanBarkas-photo Seth Alan Barkas, a playwright as well as a freelance film and theater critic.
 Fred-photo-airport-3(2)  Fred Yager is a communications and public relations executive, journalist, and author of nine books.
 Rei  Rei Kimura, a prolific novelist, was born and raised in Tokyo and now lives in Singapore.



Featured Books:

 case6.000x9.000.indd The Fast Track Guide to Speaking in Public
Help preparing and delivering all kinds of speeches by a seasoned pro
 p  Work Less, Do More (2nd edition)
This self-help productivity guide is translated and published in 10 languages
 37_photo_sm Losing the Horizon
An acclaimed, award-winning poet’s second collection of poems