Losing the Horizon

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Award-winning poet Priscilla Orr shares her feelings on love, aging, loss and death, as well as the comfort and courage we find in the natural cycle of the seasons — spring, summer, winter and fall. Whereas Jugglers and Tides explored the author getting over the loss of her husband and becoming aware of her sexuality as a single older woman, in Losing the Horizon, Orr reinforces the value of appreciating every precious second since life is short while still looking at youth in such poems as “The Cuban Girls” and “Canteen.”


“This is a moving, poignant collection from a mature voice at the top of her craft.” —Paul Genega, poet

“These poems, expressed with clarity, wisdom and grace, treat nostalgia without sentimentality. They come full circle, from the complexities of childhood to contemplation of aging and the ever-present spectre of death, giving full measure to the persistent tug of grief on the human heart.” —Marina Antropow Cramer of Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, New Jersey

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Priscilla Orr is a New Jersey-based award-winning poet and English college professor.

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