Jugglers and Tides

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Jugglers and Tides is Priscilla Orr’s powerful and eloquent first collection. Here is the full range of Orr’s penetrating, lyrical, and philosophical view of the world as she explores and probes loss, the mother-daughter relationship, childlessness, searching for love, fear, sexuality, loneliness, the father-daughter relationship, illness, and friendship.


“…Some of the best poetry being written today…Orr’s work contains the inner music of good poetry and will prove a treat to all who discover her.”—Alan Caruba, Bookviews

“Orr’s poetic voice is intensely personal, yet resonates with universal themes recognizable to the human experience of life and love and courage.”Wisconsin Bookwatch

About the author

Priscilla Orr is a New Jersey-based award-winning poet and English college professor.

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92 pages
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