The Fast Track Guide to Speaking in Public


Jan Yager

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This practical guide to public speaking covers the style and structure of typical speeches including delivering a keynote, conducting a workshop, participating in a panel, and more. In addition to Yager’s own extensive speaking experiences, the author includes excerpts from interviews or communications with other speakers. There are chapters on protocol issues that speakers have to be concerned about as well as twelve of the most dreaded situations you might encounter as a speaker, and how to handle each one, from being booed or not wanting to speak to forgetting what you had to say or what to do when your computer (Power Point) fails to work. There are also chapters on the special concerns of authors who speak, tips for handling a TV interview, the mechanics of speaking, and twelve secrets of successful speakers. Includes references, resources, and an Appendix with sample pre-speaking surveys, a post-speaking evaluation; indexed.


“I’ve shared the platform with Jan and she is a real pro. This book has everything you need to know about public speaking from someone who really knows the ropes of the business.”
—Don Gabor, speaker and author, How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends

“Jan Yager’s new book is a quick read and an easy guide to speakers and for those who want to be speakers. You’ll appreciate the easy formatting, checklists, and outlines that will jump start your public speaking skills.”
—Diane DiResta, speaker and author, Knockout Presentations


1. Getting Started as a Speaker
2. What It Takes to Be an Excellent Speaker
3. What Makes Speaking Such a Unique Way to Educate, Inform, or Entertain
4. What Every Speech and Speaker Needs
5. 12 Secrets for Giving a Terrific Speech
6. Cultural Considerations When You Speak
7. The Keynote
8. Workshops, Webinars, and Other Types of Speaking Engagements: Panels, Facilitating, Toast, Roast, Commencement Address, Eulogy
9. The Mechanics of Speaking
The Microphone and Audio Equipment
Seating Arrangements
PowerPoint, Flip Charts, Other Audio-Visual Aids, Handouts, and Props
10. How to Handle the Top Twelve Challenges You May Face as a Speaker

  • Situation 1: You are Afraid to Speak
  • Situation 2: Someone Walks Out
  • Situation 3: You Get Booed
  • Situation 4: Someone Keeps Interrupting You
  • Situation 5: Your Computer (PowerPoint) Won’t Work
  • Situation 6: The Audience Doesn’t Want to Hear the Prepared Topic
  • Situation 7: You Forget What You Were About to Say
  • Situation 8: The Person that Preceded You Covered Your Topic
  • Situation 9: You Run Out of Things to Say
  • Situation 10: You’re Out of Time with More to Say
  • Situation 11: You Don’t Feel Like Speaking
  • Situation 12: Staying Fresh When You Give the Same Speech Again and Again to Different Audiences

11. Speaking for Authors
12. Giving TV/Cable Interviews
13. In Conclusion/Summing Up


New Speaking Engagement Inquiry Form (Sample)
Confidential Pre-Seminar Survey (Sample)
Keynote Preparation Work Sheet (Sample)
Feedback/Evaluation (Sample)
About the Author

About the author

Jan Yager, Ph.D. is a sociologist and the award-winning author of 35+ nonfiction and fiction titles translated into 30+ languages.

About the book

202 pages
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