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A guide to more effectively doing business globally whether you work for a corporation or are a self-employed entrepreneur or consultant, and whether you do your global outreach by traveling to distant places, over the phone, or just over the Internet. Based on extensive original research, sociologist, business and relationship consultant, coach, and speaker Dr. Jan Yager, who is also author of the award-winning book, Business Protocol, among other titles, covers the 15 international protocol concerns that readers need to be aware of as well as tips on foreign business travel, making your website more global, faux pas to avoid, negotiating styles, contracts and getting paid, gift-giving, legal considerations, and ethics. There is a chapter that provides a country by country etiquette guide and another chapter on how to build a global relationship so that the business will follow.


“Everyone who follows Jan Yager’s advice to connect with their counterparts in other countries ‘in a respectful and positive way’ is likely to have a significantly easier time growing a global business.”—Barry Silverstein, ForeWord Reviews

“Making a deal happen through business protocol is more important than ever. This very helpful book is a guide for all willing to go global.” –Kanak kr Jain, CEO, Suskan Consultants Private Ltd, Kolkata, India

“After many years in international business, it has become evident that sales are based on trust and for trust to happen, there is a need for understanding. GROW GLOBAL is a very good and very interesting user-friendly guide to help companies build the cross-cultural understanding that is required for trust in cross-border trade.”
—Abdul Rani Achmed, CEO, CWorks Systems, Malaysia, USA, and Australia

“As more and more companies look to expand their business, GROW GLOBAL should be mandatory reading for anyone who will have contact with potential business contacts in foreign countries.”
—Ann E. Zaslow-Rethaber, President, International Search Consultants


1. Going Global /1
2.Understanding the Fundamentals
of International Business Protocol /10
3.Build Global Relationships First
and the Business will Follow /41
4.Rules of the Road: Country
by Country Etiquette /54
5.Doing Business Globally
Without Leaving Home /82
6.Tips on International Business Travel /103
7.Gift-Giving, Legal
Considerations, and Ethics /125
8.Negotiating /141
9.Contracts and Getting Paid /158
10.Summing Up /168
Appendix /171
Glossary /181
Bibliography /184
Resources /188
Acknowledgements /192
About the Author /194

About the author

Jan Yager, Ph.D. is a sociologist and the award-winning author of 35+ nonfiction and fiction titles translated into 30+ languages.

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200 pages
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