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A management consultant and seminar leader who has taught writing at Penn State and published 35 highly-acclaimed non-fiction and fiction books, Jan Yager shows, through concrete examples and clear guidelines, how to create business and nonfiction writing that will help anyone to get ahead in his or her career. Originally published by Arco with the title How to Write Like a Professional, whether you want to write a business letter, report, e-mail, memo, or a best seller, this authoritative book is the place to start. Covers: a self-evaluation to access your current writing skills; the 4 basic steps to effective business or nonfiction writing; how to overcome writer’s block; how to craft a style that’s right for you and your audience; how to get your writing published; time management tips for writing; exercises to hone your writing skills; and lots more. The third edition (in e-book) includes a new introduction covering such trends as blogging and tweeting, a new section in the back of the book entitled, Some Additional thoughts on Nonfiction Writing,” which covers editing and proofreading; using the Internet for research; the impact of globalization on your business or nonfiction writing; the increased acceptance of ghost writing; and the improved ease of getting published; and an updated annotated bibliography.


“…a good place to start if you have aspirations of being published. It is brief, based on her own … experience…”—Alan Caruba, Essex Journal and Bookviews

“…written by a communications expert, could be of great assistance to anyone who must writer business letters or reports…” —Branch Banker’s Report

“Now in an updated and expanded second edition, Jan Yager’s Effective Business & Nonfiction Writing is a seminal reference and instruction book for anyone seeking to master the techniques of writing in general, and creating effective business letters, memos, emails, proposals, reports, articles, as well as books of all categories, subjects and genres. Aspiring writers will be afforded a self-evaluation to access their current writing skills; the four basic steps to effective business or nonfiction writing; how to overcome writer’s block; crafting a style that’s right for them and their particular readership; how to get an article or manuscript published; time tips for managing their writing; exercises to hone writing skills; and a great deal more. Effective Business & Nonfiction Writing is a key and valued contribution to any personal or professional writing skills reference collection.” —Midwest Book Review

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Jan Yager, Ph.D. is a sociologist and the award-winning author of 35+ nonfiction and fiction titles translated into 30+ languages.

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