Creative Time Management for the New Millennium

Jan Yager, Ph.D.CreativeTimeManagementfortheNewMillennium

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In this second time management book by the author of “Creative Time Management” and “Making Your Office Work For You,” among other business books, Dr. Jan Yager advises you how to clarify priorities so you are more likely to achieve an ideal balance among work, family, and leisure concerns. The 7 principles of creative time management that sociological and workplace expert Dr. Yager evolved through her original research and observations are useful tools to apply to work and leisure challenges. Dr. Yager surveyed 234 men and women and discovered the #1 time waster was not procrastination but “doing too much at once.” Bibliography and index.


“One of the most valuable things I picked up from your book is ‘selective attention.’ …I have found that this technique actually helps me finish the larger, complex tasks quicker while the smaller, less involved tasks are gotten to after the larger task is done. As Jan Yager puts it so well in her book, this conquers trying to do too much at once.”–Carl Sanger, Principal, Serenity Wealth Management, LLC

“A more human and complete approach that also includes the nooks and crannies of real life left untouched by other books on the subject.”
–Paulette Ensign, past-president, National Association of Professional Organizers

“Without a doubt, the best book on time management I have read in a very long time.”—organizer Debbie Williams

“I just read Creative Time Management for the New Millennium and the changes in my own perspective about time have been remarkable, to say the least. Being so busy with my career, school, and my family has left me feeling that there’s little time to waste. By thinking of my down time in my life in a new way, when I am not actively working at my job, researching for my graduate degree, or parenting my children, as not wasted and unproductive time, but instead Creative Time Management, I feel I have tricked my puritan work ethic mindset to be fine with all time spent in my life, not just the obviously productive times that are validated and rewarded in this society. I can get all I need done and not be as stressed in the process. Thank you for bringing this concept to my life. I can’t wait until your next book!”
–Vicky Blanchette, producer, “What’s on Your Mind?” with Dr. Linda Austin, and production associate

“I use the advice in Creative Time Management for the New Millennium daily–best book on the subject I have encountered.”–dentist from California

“To get control of your time, your work, your technical gadgets, and your personal life, read Creative Time Management for the New Millennium. The practical hands-on advice will repay you many times over.”
–Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D., author, Working Smart and How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life

“A pragmatic, easy to understand/digest roadmap to true understanding of effectively managing YOUR precious resource of TIME. Dr. Yager’s itinerary keeps your “time use” destination in crisp focus while making the trip fun and memorable by providing nifty road sign assists like: ‘7 Principles of Creative Time Management’ and ‘Overcoming 10 Key Obstacles to Managing Your Time.’ I loved the ride!”
–Bob Danzig, former President, Hearst Newspapers, author, speaker, teacher

“Here’s an excellent super-guide to gaining control over your time and your life.”–Lucy H. Hedrick, author, Five Days to an Organized Life

“In an age when everyone seems to have too much to do and too little time to do it, this thorough, well-written guide will enable you to get more done, and feel better doing it. The last chapter alone (“125 Top Time-Saving Ideas”) is worth the price of the whole book.”—Mark Sanborn, speaker and author


1 Creative Time Management: An Introduction
2 The 7 Principles of Creative Time Management
3 Overcoming 10 Key Obstacles to Managing Your Times
4. Emotional Blocks to Time Management
5. Becoming Organized and More Effective
6 Improving Your time at Work
7 Applying Time Management
8 Improving Personal Time Management
9 125 Time Saving Ideas
Selected Bibliography
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About the author

Jan Yager, Ph.D. is a sociologist and the award-winning author of 35+ nonfiction and fiction titles translated into 30+ languages.

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