Almost an Orphan

Lawrence E. Cohen


ISBN 978-1-889262-98-7 $19.95 trade paperback (retail list price)

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A charming look at life in New York City from the 1920s to today through a memorable memoir about a boy who bounced around among different relatives or caregivers, his school years, followed by his service during World War II, his marriage and how he built a distinguished career as an educator in the New York City Public School system. The courage Cohen shows throughout his life is an inspirational story for all ages, but especially for seniors who will learn you are never too old to find new and caring connections. Cohen’s attention to the details of his life is quite extraordinary.

About the author

Lawrence Cohen is a retired educator who still tutors at a Westchester, New York college whose memoir was published at the age of 87.

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189 pages
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