365 Daily Affirmations for Creativity

Janet Luongo

With a Foreword by Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.


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Workshop leader, artist, writer, and creativity expert Janet Luongo provides 365 inspiring affirmations to improve creativity at work, school, and in your life. There are also 60 simple and effective exercises to develop creativity as well as a bibliography of books, articles, plus website resources.


Foreword by Jack Canfield
Part 1 365 Daily Affirmations for Creativity

1 I Believe I am Original
2 I Draw on Inner Resources
3 Laughter, Music, and Dreams Spark My Creativity
4 I Seek Inspiration Everywhere
5 The Young Connect Me to My Imagination
6 I Understand the Creative Process
7 I Am Innovative At Work
8 I Am a Creative Leader
9 My Life is the Canvas Upon Which I Create
10 I Practice the Art of Relationshiops
11 My Passion Is Unstoppable
12 My Spirit Continually Renews Me

Part 2 Exercises for Enhancing Creativity

For Individuals
Group Exercises

Part 3 Resources

Books and Articles

About the Author


From Jack Canfield’s Foreword:
“How many times do you look for the answers to your problems outside yourself? 365 Daily Affirmations for Creativity starts off by pointing you in the right direction—the answer lies within. If you want to be more creative in your personal and professional life, positive beliefs about yourself and drawing on inner resources are essential….”

From Janet Luongo’s Introduction:
“I’ve been asked why I wrote this book of affirmations on creativity. The answer is that early in my life I chose to affirm, not to denigrate myself as an artist and it has made all the difference. In grade school, one of my teachers inspired me when she told me I had artistic gifts and a light to share. Believing in that light has lightened up my path.”

Sample affirmations:

Sample affirmations:

1. I believe in myself as a creative person.
2. Creativity is the very essence of what makes us human since the dawn of our history.
7. The way to start a new work of art is to begin.
18. Engaging with art makes me a fuller human being.
32. As if my mind were a radio, I am tuning out static and complaints and tuning in trumpets and cheers.

Sample exercises:

For individuals: # 6. Brag
When I was trained by Betsy Damon to lead No Limits for Women Artists sessions, she asked our group to brag about what we were most proud of. Most of us were uncomfortable doing that because it sounded arrogant. We soon realized “bragging” is an important way to identify your strengths and true creative purpose. It’s essential to knowing who you are.
For groups (at work): # 4 Throw Out the “Junk”
To free the mind to grasp the new, at a team meeting set up a real or imaginary garbage container in the center into which all the “junk” is discarded. Toss out ideas and policies that are obsolete, inefficient and negative. A variation is to ask people to write down anonymously all the “gripes” they have about their day, the meeting, the team, anything they are feeling worried about or bothered by. With their permission you can read a few—they usually sound trite and funny. Then rip them all up and throw them away. This is the clearing away of blocks to the creative process.


“This is much more than a list of affirmations. There are individual and group exercises for enhancing creativity. There are also many resources such as books, articles, websites, and associations cited. The affirmations are broken down into twelve different areas with explanations as to why they are important. The book is of value to both individuals and to trainers and life coaches. We rated it five hearts.”- www.heartlandreviews.com

“Each affirmation is like a daily toast to life.” —Edward Sackstein, cellist and psychotherapist

“Janet Luongo’s 365 Daily Affirmations for Creativity is a well-designed and well-written book that will help anyone tap into, increase, and further develop his or her natural creativity and creative thinking abilities.”
—Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP, author, Broken Crayons: Break Your Crayons and Raw Outside the Lines

About the author

Janet Luongo is a creativity coach and speaker.

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