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Davy Ross was staying with his grandmother and just about to celebrate his eleventh birthday when he received word that his parents, paleontologists for the Natural History Museum, were missing and believed dead on an expedition in Africa. A few days later, a trunk containing his parent’s personal affects arrives and in that trunk, Davy finds what appears to be some kind of egg. Assuming it is one of the many fossils his parents are always bringing back from their digs, Davy sets it on a shelf along with his other dinosaur memorabilia. During the night, the egg hatches. As the story unfolds, readers experience an adventure about an unusual friendship in which a young boy, whose paleontologist parents are missing, who finds himself in possession of something long believed to be extinct.


“I thought Rex was a great book.  I was never much into dinosaurs, but this story was really fascinating.  It makes you think about all the possibilities; are dinosaurs REALLY extinct?  Imagine, what would you do if a baby T-rex hatched in front of your very own eyes?  Also, when you really think about how hard it must be to keep a 8-foot creature a secret, you think about what effect it would have on people who saw a massive creature which one minute ago they thought was extinct.  I think Yager did a really great job describing the struggles of hiding him, and he captured the character of Berenson perfectly.  The story is so realistic, and the setting was done really well, but in the same way it is NOT realistic because there are dinosaurs involved.  Great job, Fred Yager and keep doing why you are doing!  I would love to read another MG novel from you!”
From (Xander’s Middle-Grade Book Reviews *****)

“The author, a screenwriter, has presented a very visual story that’s fast-paced and full of action….”—School Library Journal

“In Rex, by Fred Yager (co-author of Untimely Death), 11-year-old Davy Ross’s paleontologist parents go missing from a dig on Mount Kilimanjaro, and he finds a mysterious egg among their belongings. When a tiny dinosaur hatches, Davy has to protect him from an unscrupulous professor, return the tyrannosaurus to its jungle home and locate his missing parents.” — Publishers Weekly

“Rex: A Novel by Fred Yager is an exciting adventure for young readers about a unique friendship and childhood bonding experience between a young boy named Davy, and Rex – a creature that has been long thought extinct on our world. A charming and heartwarming story, that belies a lifelong love of dinosaurs, Rex is a true joy to read and a welcome addition to family, school, and community library collections. Rex is also available in a trade paperback format.” —Midwest Book Review

About the author

Fred Yager is a communications and public relations executive, journalist, and author of nine books.

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