Fred Yager


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In an extreme case of identity theft, a computer genius who has recently become a quadriplegic when caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout uses an Internet game called “Cybersona” to take over the body of another player, a recently-fired science teacher, to get revenge on those responsible for his paralysis. In an effort to get his body back, the teacher takes over the body of the next player who signs on; that player turns out to be a ten-year-old boy.


“I like Fred Yager’s novel Cybersona because it makes you question what could happen if you could enter a computer game and actually become a part of it. This is a science fiction adventure thriller that everyone needs to read.”
—Teri Davis, school librarian

“…A fast-paced psychological hi-tech thriller. The author says he deliberately wrote it for high school and college age students who would “get it” in ways that we older folks might not, but it is also a cautionary tale for those who interact on line with strangers. ‘It opens you up to lots of danger,’ says Yager and his novel crackles with the danger that will keep you turning the pages.”
—Alan Caruba, founding member of the National Book Critics Circle,

About the author:

Fred Yager  is a communications and public relations executive, journalist, and author of nine books.

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