Atom and Eve

Jeff Yager


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In this controversial debut YA sci-fi novel, set several years in the future, sixteen-year-old Ricky Romanello, a college freshman, is playing basketball when he collapses and winds up in a coma suffering from a powerful flu that hits the U.S. population causing deaths and a dramatic economic slowdown. Research scientist Dr. Mandy Fox has been developing an anti-aging drug that she believes might also eradicate the flu. The government rushes approval for the drug as Ricky and the rest of the population soon discover there is an unintended side effect of the new drug and vaccine with catastrophic consequences.


“Atom and Eve” is one of the most imaginative young adult novels I have read in quite a while and a great debut for its author, Jeff Yager. Its mix of suspense, science, romance, and even politics will keep the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next, and there are enough twists and turns to ensure the pace never slackens. I can’t wait to see the movie!”—Alan Caruba, Editor,, Founding member of the National Book Critics Circle

“This well-written novel has an intriguing plot as well as memorable characters. Although a Ya novel with a lead character who is 16, there are enough other characters, and underlying themes that are provocative and important for teens and adults to consider, that this novel should appeal to adults as well as teens.”
— (Home-Schooling Greene Style)

“I enjoyed Atom and Eve by Jeff Yager. Started reading and got hooked. It dragged me in and along. This is a book I will be recommending!”—Jeff Ganz, Former bookseller, Books-a-million, Dickson City, PA

“In his wonderful debut novel, Atom and Eve, Jeff Yager has the uncanny ability to look into the female psyche and to open readers to the endless possibilities and creative energy of the divine feminine. Yager has created a fascinating novel with a page-turning richness where nothing is impossible especially if you are female.”
—Kim McMillon, playwright and host of Arts in the Valley, 1480 KYOS AM, San Joaquin Valley, California

“An impressive debut novel that will sweep young adults off their feet.”
—Jeffrey J. Fox, bestselling author

Atom and Eve has a very unique story line and style of writing, building up tension not just around one hero or heroine but across a cluster of unconventional people. An exciting read that keeps you asking ‘How will it all end?’”
—Rei Kimura, novelist, My Name is Eric

“From the suspenseful exposition to the surprise ending with a special twist– Jeff Yager’s debut is a fun and fast read: once you pick it up and get entangled in its fascinating gender-bending storyline, you will not be able to put it down!”
—Anette Isaacs, international speaker and travel guide

Atom and Eve is an intriguing and highly imaginative novel.”
–Howard Layton, author

“Facing a country whose population is being dominated by a flu pandemic of unknown origin, scientist Mandy Fox is confident that she is the person that can save millions of lives. But with the rush to have the cure available – will the consequences of the side effects be too great? Travel with Mandy and the other intriguing characters, like 16-year-old Ricky Romanello, to see how the flu and the cure will change their lives.”
—J. Atkinson, entrepreneur

“Young first novelist Jeff Yager has targeted young adult readers looking for a story full of what-if’s and a few surprises in a story set a few years in the future. Yager has populated his novel with many characters that don’t at first have much in common so that part of the attraction is to anticipate just how their lives intersect. He has several strong women characters which will appeal to his female readers. Recommended for young adult collections. Language, sexual situations, and violence have been used enough to seem realistic but moderate for younger readers.”
—Marilynn J. Smith, Ph.D., M.L.S., Retired librarian, Navy Supply Corps School

“Although Atom & Eve is a science fiction novel written especially for young adults, readers of all ages will find it engaging and thought-provoking. When a flu pandemic leaves mass graves in its wake, humanity’s only hope may lie in a special designer drug to cure and prevent the lethal disease. But this miracle drug has a startling side effect… it makes men more like women, and women more like men! Gender-bending developments push human society and evolution to the brink of radical transformation in this extraordinary, well-written, and succinctly presented “what-if” story. Highly recommended.”
–Children’s Bookwatch, Reviewer’s Choice, August 2013

About the author:

Jeff Yager, who has studied professional wrestling, is a debut novelist.

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