Birthday Tracker and Journal

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This journal offers a special place to record important birthdays for family, friends, and others, month by month. It begins with an informative introduction about the history of birthday celebrations and birthday traditions. You will also find a list of birthday birthstones and flowers by month for gift-giving considerations.
The key part of the book is the month-by-month, day-by-day, calendar where you can write in the names of those you wish to remember. Between each month is an original color illustration by artist/author Jan Yager.
There is also a place to keep track of birthday cards or presents that you send, or receive, lined blank pages for your birthday reflections, and a place for birthday photos.
This unique book is a perfect gift or for one’s own use to organize this special birthday information.

About the author

Jan Yager, Ph.D. is a sociologist and the award-winning author of 35+ nonfiction and fiction titles translated into 30+ languages.

Book details

110 pages
Copyright © 2011
Illustrated throughout with 4-color/original art