Untimely Death

Fred Yager and Jan Yager

UntimelyDeath (cover)

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Criminology professor Dr. Kimberly Stone is forced to become an amateur sleuth after her best friend and colleague is killed as a way of making sure her friend’s case isn’t ignored, even more so once it starts to look as if Dr. Stone might be the killer’s next target.

Untimely Death is a psychological thriller that introduces a new sleuth, criminology professor Kimberly Stone. It proves the darkest depths of the human psyche to show how a nightmarish world of twisted sexuality evolves into murderous rage.


“In their first novel, Untimely Death, husband-and-wife authors Fred and Jan Yager achieve the literary equivalent of a rookie who hammers a home-run in his first big-league at bat….The Yagers have written a winner. “ASSOCIATED PRESS, Charley Morey, AP Special Features

“Fine book. A fascinating piece of work.”
—Andrew M. Greeley, bestselling author, Wages of Sin

“A tightly-plotted, tautly written novel that smacks of authenticity.”
John Lutz, bestselling author of Single White Female

About the authors:

Fred Yager is a communications executive and the author of nine books including five novels.

Jan Yager is a sociologist whose 35 nonfiction and fiction titles have been translated into more than 30 languages.
The Yagers are a husband and wife writing team whose collective output includes two career books, two thrillers, two collections of poetry, and numerous screenplays.

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308 pages
Copyright © 1998 (hardcover)
E-book version 2012

Completed spec screenplay available