The Pretty One

Jan Yager


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Psychologist Dr. Emily Taylor seemed to have it all-she’s thin, attractive, happily married with children, with a successful therapy practice and writing career-when she is interviewed on a major talk show to discuss her bestseller, Forgotten Intimacy. Novelist Jan Yager explores how success catapults Emily on a food binge. As her weight climbs over 200, Emily realizes she has to deal with the underlying causes to the compulsive overeating that she battles. This uplifting novel will forever impact how you view your own or someone else’s weight-related challenges.


“Jan Yager brings to her study of an abused woman’s battles with eating disorders the experience and concerns of a professional.”―Sidney Offit, author and President, Authors Guild Foundation

“A moving, riveting novel.”—Dr. Divya Kakaiya, Clinical Dir, Healthy Within Treatment Center

“Bravely takes you to the heart and hell of a compulsive overeater yet offers hope for healing too.”
—Dr. Cynthia Allison, psychologist

About the author:

Jan Yager, Ph.D. is a sociologist and the award-winning author of 35+ nonfiction and fiction titles translated into 30+ languages.

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202 pages
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