My Name is Eric

Rei Kimura


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A memorable “dog-ography” written from the point of view of an outspoken Pomeranian named Eric, who shares his opinions on life, love, and the challenges of living in a world where dogs are expected to obey their human masters even when the dog knows better.

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“The love a dog to his family is hard to match. “My Name is Eric… and This is My Story” is a novel of family and kindness throughout Oceania from Rei Kimura told from the perspective of Eric, a Pomeranian dog. Thoughtful and charming, “My Name is Eric” is a tale that will make many a dog lover very happy, highly recommended.”
—Midwest Book Review

About the author:

Rei Kimura, a prolific novelist, was born and raised in Tokyo and now lives in Singapore.

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174 pages
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