The Cantaloupe Cat

Written by Jan Yager

Illustrated by Mitzi Lyman


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Audio book version, narrated by Gladys Barkas (in cassette format; digital version in preparation)

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Like Jerry, the cat that likes to eat cantaloupe, every animal and every person is special and unique in some way. The last page of this illustrated children’s book for children ages 1-5 as well as cat lovers of all ages has questions for parents or educators to explore with children, such as having a discussion about “Tell me what’s special about you?”


“Jerry (a cat) likes to eat cantaloupe. The Cantaloupe Cat is a delightful picturebook story that has as its overall message to young readers ages 3 to 7 that every animal and every person is special and unique in their own particular way. Mitzi Lyman’s lovely illustrations are a perfect counterpoint for Jan Yager’s engaging story. The Cantaloupe Cat is further enhanced by a page of suggested questions parents and teachers can explore with children in learning and appreciating what is special about each of them. Highly recommended for school and library picture book collections.”
–Midwest Book Review, The Children’s Bookwatch

“My two year old grandson takes great delight in his book collection. He discovered “The Cantaloupe Cat” when he was only 18 months old and it immediately became one of his favorites. It’s the first book he hands me to read and he now enjoys sitting on the floor and turning the pages himself. The text is especially child friendly and the illustrations are appealing to grown ups as well. The story of Jerry, the cat who likes cantaloupe, is one children and adults both will have fun sharing.”
—Caryl J. Frawley

“The text is just right for young children and the illustrations are adorable. It reveals a secret for most of the public. Many cats love cantaloupe. Even if yours doesn’t, you’ll appreciate this book.”—Ruth Winter

“A charming debut by a talented artist whose pictures work well with a cute story to convey an affectionate message about friendship, feline and human.” —Lynn Munsinger, children’s book illustrator, Tacky the Penguin

About the author:

Jan Yager, Ph.D. is a sociologist and the award-winning author of 35+ nonfiction and fiction titles translated into 30+ languages.

About the illustrator:

Mitzi Lyman is a Connecticut-based fine artist.

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32 pages
Print version copyright © 1999
E-book version copyright © 2012

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