Dina the Deaf Dinosaur

Written by Carole Addabbo

Illustrated by Valentine


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This is the story of Dina, a dinosaur who runs away from home because her parents refuse to let her learn sign language. In the woods, Dina meets Otto, the owl, Moliere, the mole, and Camilla, the chipmunk. Dina the Deaf Dinosaur is a memorable story for all children and their families, whether they are deaf or they can hear, that communication is key to family harmony.


“…a warmly colored book that follows the travails of a deaf dinosaur who runs away from home because her parents would not allow her to learn sign language. In the woods, Dina encounters a trio of animals including a wise owl who not only can sign, but who is something of an expert on deaf culture as well.”—Los Angeles Times

“I love this book!”–actress Marlee Matlin

“A tender book about misunderstandings and needs, about the various ways we can speak to each other. A book to be cherished and given many times over.”
–Hannah Merker, Newswaves

About the author:

Carole Addabbo, who was born deaf, teaches sign language and is a professional actress who has toured internationally and appeared in TV shows.

About the illustrator

Valentine is a fine artist living in California who paints and draws in addition to creating paper cutouts.

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8.5 x 8.5
32 pages
Copyright © 2012; 2005; 1997

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