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The links that follow are related to sites that offer information, products, or services for authors, publishers, and anyone interested in the book business including librarians, booksellers, service providers, and of course readers! Most of these links are geared to those in the industry – authors, publishers, librarians, or booksellers – rather than readers but readers might find some of these links of interest as well.

Here are links to websites that we think you might find of interest as an author, illustrator, photographer, agent, publisher—anyone involved in, or interested in, the world of books.

In addition to companies or individuals that you might want to visit and explore, we are also including selected annual conferences or trade shows, especially those that have strong educational components. We are including links to articles related to books and the book business that you might find illuminating or inspirational.

Disclaimer: We need to point out that websites sometimes change overnight or even disappear. We are also not responsible for the information that you will find at these websites or for the companies or individuals who have created these sites especially since the sites might change after the information listed below has been posted. We therefore cannot endorse any of the websites or companies that are listed nor does exclusion from this site indicate anything. We especially like to highlight sites that include informative blogs or content. (If there is a site that we should consider including when we do an update of this list, please use the Contact us form to tell us about it and we will consider inclusion.)

Please note: If we are part of an affiliate program with any of the links below, that is noted clearly in our listing. We did not choose to list any service or product because of an affiliate program, however. We would have listed it anyway. The affiliate program is a benefit to our company but it is not the reason we chose to list anyone or anything.

Monthly subscription service providing information about the publishing industry from a variety of online and print sources as well as a membership directory and website for individual subscribers.

Publicity for Authors or Publishers

Publicity guru John Kremer, author of 1,001 Ways to Market Your Book (6th edition, 2008), provides a wealth of free information at his website including lists for everything from book promotion advice, lists of newspaper book reviewers and magazine editors, to “Facebook Tips: 31 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page.”
His site is virtually goldmine of information that will help you with your author and/or publisher challenges.

Sign up for his free weekly marketing tip:

Dan Poynter
Para Publishing
Author of 100+ books, and a skydiver, since he started his company in 1969, Poynter has been devoted to the self-publishing and indie publishing since the 1980s, long before print on demand (POD) made self-publishing the popular movement it became in the 2000s. Poynter’s book, Self-Publishing Manual, was released in a 16th edition in 2007. (HARO)
Started by Peter Shankman and purchased by VOCUS, an online pr company, this is a free way to both announce you need people to interview for your book or article research as well as to read on a three-times-a-day basis to find publicity opportunities for you and your book (or author, if you’re a publicist or a publisher). (I personally got a booking for the popular Fox program Good Day, New York for a publicity client of mine so I know, first-hand, that HARO does work. I’ve also used HARO to post requests for people to interview for various research projects.) There used to be a competing free service that was similar, Reporter Connections, but it stopped in 2013 making HARO that much more useful for free publicity opportunities.
A subscription service run by for experts to become part of the database so they might be contacted for their expertise (publicity opportunities) or for their free service as well as posting media queries if you are a communications, pr, or media professional.
Part of VOCUS, you may sign up for a one-time press release distribution or agree to an annual plan that allows you a certain number of press releases per month.


There are numerous excellent book publicists that you can hire to help you promote your book. The way they bill authors or publishers covers a wide spectrum, from on a retainer basis, with a minimum of three months commitment, to monthly, or hourly. What the per-hour or per-month fee is varies widely. You need to contact a specific publicist and find out what they could do for you and your book or company and what they would charge. Some book publicists are generalists and others specialize in a particular type of book, such as nonfiction business books, literary fiction, or children’s book authors. The listings below are not intended to be comprehensive but a starting point. If you think you or your company should be added to this list, please contact us with information about you and your services, especially including one or more case histories of authors or publishers that you helped with publicity and what you achieved for them, especially indie or self-publishers or what used to be known as a “midlist” author – translation, non-bestselling — and we’ll consider adding you when these links are updated.

Annie Jennings

MJ Rose

Irwin Zucker

Dan Smith

Trish Stevens

Linda Radke

Darcie Rowan

Susannah Greenberg

Michael Levine

Jane Wesman

Joanne McCall

David Ratner

Marika Flatt

Susan Raab
Specializes in children’s books.

David Hahn, Managing Director
Media Connect (formerly Planned Television Arts)
A division of Finn Partners

Paul Krupin

News publications about the Book Industry and trade publications for advance reviews

Publishing Perspectives
72 Spring Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10012
A project of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Publishing Perspectives is a daily free newsletter covering foreign rights around the world. This free newsletter, published five days a week, is focused on foreign rights as well as publishing trends throughout the world. There is a separate newsletter for the publishing industry in Brazil. A print version of the publication is distributed at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Guest bloggers are allowed to pitch articles for the newsletter; ads may be purchased for the print version.
Online version of the industry classic trade magazine, Publishers Weekly (known in the biz as “PW”), started in 1872. A rave review in Publishers Weekly can help launch a book; a scathing review can also make it hard to recover from that so remember that when you submit a book for possible review to this revered trade publication. Go to the website for guidelines on when to submit (usually 3-4 months in advance) as well as who to submit to based on what kind of book you’re submitting (adult nonfiction, adult fiction, YA, or self-published.)
Library Journal
160 Varick Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10013
Tel: 646-380-0700
Fax: 646-380-0756
Long established trade publication for librarians, founded in 1876, which is one of the key pre-publication trade magazine for reviews adults. (For children and young adult books, submit to School Library Journal, described below.) Books usually need to be sent 3-4 months in advance of the official publication date to be eligible for review. Go to the website to find out who to submit your book to as well as when.
School Library Journal
160 Varick Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10013
Print and related online site for school and public librarians for children and teen books and related products (audio books, videos, and CDs).
Kirkus Media LLC
1133 Broadway, Suite 406
New York, NY 10010
Print and online pre-publication trade magazine for the book industry providing reviews. Started back in l933 by Virginia Kirkus, it reviews books 3-4 months before publication. They now review books published by traditional houses as well as self-published titles. As with all pre-publication trade periodicals, submission of a title does not guarantee a review and the decision to review a book does not assure a favorable one.
ForeWord Reviews
Print and digital versions of reviews and industry news focusing on indie and self-publishing titles. Also offers co-op display opportunities at the leading trade book fairs throughout the year.

Author Conferences

Association of Writers and Writesr Programs Annual Conference (AWP)
This annual conference, held in the Spring in a different city each year, is organized by the AWP which is at George Mason University in Virginia. More than 13,000 writers attend panels and stop by the 600+ exhibits from authors, publishers, and those providing services to this community. Check the website to find out about the upcoming conferences including information for applying to speak, exhibit, or attend.
You will find a listing of more than 125 writers conferences at their site through this link:

ASJA Annual Nonfiction Writers Conference
This annual nonfiction writers conference has been held since the early 1970s in New York City, organized by the American Society of Jourtnalists and Authors (ASJA). The emphasis is on nonfiction writing, articles and books, although there are also panels on fiction and other types of writing including blogging and multimedia. What used to be a one-day Saturday conference has expanded to cover several days including an all-day members only conference, usually on Thursday or Friday. The Saturday and Sunday conferences are open to the public. The annual conference is usually held in April. Beginning in November 2013, a Fall Midwest conference was organized for the first time.

Author101 University
This is an annual three day event held in October in Las Vegas covering marketing and related information for book authors. Organized by Rick Frishman, who has been doing book marketing for several decades and who is the author of a couple of books on the topic.
To register, please use our affiliate link:

Book Industry Trade Shows

Frankfurt Book Fair
The largest and most popular book industry trade show in the world, held since 1948 when it was started, in Frankfurt, Germany. Occupying eight halls and including approximately 8,000 exhibitors and approximately 200,000 trade visitors from around the world, the trade show is also open to the public on Sundays. Halls are organized by either language and region, such as English-speaking countries, German, or Eastern European countries, or by type of book, such as educational.
In addition to the exhibits by publishers or book industry service providers, there are numerous educational programs for authors, publishers, and book publishing professionals to attend, such as the four hour conference for those who do foreign rights at a publishing house, which is offered on the Tuesday before Frankfurt officially starts on Wednesday. There are also shorter 45 minute to one or two hour sessions throughout the rest of the days of Frankfurt which officially lasts from Wednesday through Sunday late afternoon although European visitors and even exhibitors, as well as those from the U.S., tend to leave by Friday night. (Those from Australia, New Zealand, and Asia tend to stay through the entire Fair, probably because it is such a long flight and such a costly one. In the interest of jet lag, it is also probably better to stay longer so the body clock can adjust to the change in time zone.)

The four other major fairs around the world are the London Book Fair, held annually in London in April; BookExpo America, held in the U.S. annually in late May or early June, usually in New York City but the show is starting to travel again in upcoming years; the Beijing Book Fair, held annually in Beijing, China at the end of august/early September, and the Bologna Children’s book Fair, the premiere international book fair for children and young adult books held annually in Bologna, Italy.

Visit the website for each of the fairs for information about the dates for the next fair, information about exhibiting or attending, as well as any co-op exhibits that might take one or more of your books if you are unable to attend or exhibit yourself. (For more on exhibiting or attending international book fairs, as well as a discussion of making the most of your participation in a co-op exhibit, consult the forthcoming book, Foreign Rights or Wrongs, or the related Power Point presentation or webinar, in preparation at this site. For more information, use our contact us form to let us know that you’d like to be advised when these materials are available for sale.)

Bologna Children’s Book Fair
Held annually at the end of March. The Fair is 50 years old in 2014.

London Book Fair
Held annually in early to mid April

BookExpo America
Held annually in late May to early June in New York City although the show will start traveling again to other cities in upcoming years. Check the website for details.

Beijing Book Fair
Held annually at the end of August/early September.

There are also numerous other trade book fairs around the world that are more regional in terms of who exhibits or attends but, even if you only attend or exhibit once, are worth considering participating in since it will expose you first hand to that part of the world and to the book industry in that region. Some of the regional fairs are also making a concerted effort to attract more international exhibitors or trade attendees and in that way, those shows are becoming much more important to authors and publishers. (Please note: This list of regional fairs is by no means comprehensive or definitive. You will find additional listings in the forthcoming book, Foreign Rights and Wrongs, by the founder of Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc., Jan Yager. Send an e-mail to our company, or to the author, if you’d like to be notified when the book is available for sale. Fill out the contact us form or send an e-mail to: jyager [at]

Taiwan Book Fair
(Held annually in late January/early February)

Abu Dhabi Book Fair
(March or April annually)

Prague Book World
(Held annually in early May)

Tokyo Book Fair
Held annually in July.

Guadalajara Book Fair
Held annually at the end of November/first week of December

Book Publisher Associations
Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) (Formerly PMA)
There are numerous regional or local book publisher associations including many that are affiliates of IBPA. Here is a link to the listing at their website:
Connecticut Book Publishers and Authors Association

Association of American Publishers (AAP)
Maintains a related site,, which provides free listings for both paid book publishing jobs as well as unpaid internships.

Author Associations

Authors Guild
Association of more than 9,000 published authors offering advice and advocacy about book-related issues.

American Society of Journalists and Authors
Association of more than 1,000 published nonfiction authors of both articles and books.
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
Founded in 1971, this international association for children’s book authors and illustrators has chapters throughout the U.S. and internationally. There are summer and winter international educational conferences as well as regional events and awards.

Book Illustrator Associations
See the above listing for the Society of Book Writers and Illustrators.

Companies that Do Imprinting for Author or Publisher Giveaways
A range of imprinted items in quantity, from tote bags to first-aid kits.
Premiere imprinting company for pens and pencils in all price ranges.
Imprints one-of-a-kind four-color items using the front cover of the book, the author’s photo, or a phrase or logo from the book that you wish to add.

Writer or Publisher Blogs

“The Best Author Blogs”

The Writing Life
Blog by 60-book nonfiction author Terry Whalin who is now the acquisitions editor for New York-based publishing company Morgan James.

“39 Best Blogs for Writers” by Robert Lee Brewer @robertleebrewer

“A Newbie’s Guide to Book Publishing” (An interview with marketing/social media guru and author Guy Kawasaki)
Please check out our two blogs, “All About Books,” written by the founder of Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc., Jan Yager. Please also check out our second blog, “Other Book Voices,” from others in the book business including authors, publishers, literary agents, wholesalers, distributors, librarians, booksellers, and readers.

For photographers (or authors or publishers seeking photographs)
Rohn Engh PhotoSource International
Pine Lake Farm, 1910 35th Rd Osceola, WI 54020
1 800 624 0266 Fax: 248 3800
I Stock Photo is a service that sells photographs and illustrations that can be used for interior book pages or book covers.