Are you currently accepted unsolicited submissions?

Not at this time. If this changes, we will post that revised situation in this FAQ answer and/or send out an announcement about that change to our mailing list. 

How do I buy your books or journals?

Our titles are available from your favorite local or online retailer such as amazon.com, bn.com, indiebound.org, hive.co.uk, powells.com, etc., or directly from our company.

I’d like to interview one of your authors. What should I do?

Contact us to let us know what author and/or book your request relates to, including your complete contact information and any specific date you had in mind.

What if I want to order books in quantity?

Contact us for orders of 25 or more copies of any title. Include your contact information and, if this order is for a timely event, the date of that event.

I’d like to borrow one of your books from my local library but it’s not in their collection. What should I do?

Most libraries have a form at their website, or that you can get at their library on your next visit, allowing you to request a particular title. They may order it for you on a free interlibrary loan basis or they may acquire it for their own collection. Thanks for letting the library know that you’re interested in borrowing/reading our title(s)!

How do I know if the book I want to buy from your company is available in print, e-book, or audio book format?

At the information page for that title, you will find that information.  We are adding additional formats for our current and backlist titles all the time so please stop back to our site to check if this has been updated for the particular title you’re interested in or check the listings for a particular title at your favorite bookstore.