15 more Ways to Champion Your Friend’s Book

So you really want to help promote your friend’s book, but you’ve considered or tried some or all of the first suggestions shared in the initial post I wrote on this topic ( or you need additional ideas till you find the plans that suit you best.

Good news! You will find below 15 more ways that you can try as a way to help your friend, the author:

  1. CupAsk the author to send you a cover of the book as well as formal permission to create a one-of-a-kind product using the cover through or another similar service. If the author or his/her publisher has already set up an account at Café Press, or a similar printing service, create the product through their store. Here, for example, is the store we created for our publishing company to create imprinted notebooks, t-shirts, mugs, totes, and more:
  2. Tell at least one friend about your friend’s book.
  3. Tell at least one family member about your friend’s (or colleague’s) new book.
  4. Reprint your favorite line from the new book and put it on a t-shirt, crediting the author and the new book, and wear it in support of the author and the book.


 5.     Print a second t-shirt with your friend’s book cover on it and give it away to another friend or family member so someone else will help get the word out about the new book.


 6.    A month after you first found out about your friend’s new book, ask the author, “How are things going with your new book?” After the high of getting it published, the post-publication days, weeks and months can be somewhat of a letdown.

7.    If you live in another town, city, or even a different country from the author, find out who reviews books for your local newspaper and offer to send in a book with a request that they consider it for a review.

8.    Think about any contacts you might have in the media. Offer to approach your contact with a suggestion that they review the book, or interview the author.

9.    If you belong to a Rotary Club, or a similar community service organization, and they like to have authors present at their meetings, if the book author is skilled at public speaking, offer to make the overture.

10.  If the author has a book event, if possible, show up for it. Bring one or two more people to any book events that the author has for the new book.

11.  Tell all your LinkedIn connections about the book including a link to the book in your post. (If you have read the book, and you enjoyed it, point that out.)

12.   Blog about the new book at Tumblr.

13.   Share about the new book to your circle of friends at google+.

14.  If you are a speaker and the book fits in with a topic of one of your speeches, mention it in a speech or share an excerpt from it with your audience.

15.  If you went to high school with the author, contact your alma mater on his or her behalf Find out who is the current editor of the high school newspaper, and send him or her the book with a suggestion for a review in the newspaper and/or an author interview to go with it.


drjanyager-SmallPhotoCMYKJan Yager, Ph.D. is an author, artist, and publishing executive whose 35 books have been translated into 32 languages including the nonfiction self-help books When Friendship Hurts (Simon & Schuster/Touchstone), Work Less, Do More, 2nd edition (Sterling; 2nd edition published by Hannacroix Creek Books), and The Fast Track Guide to Speaking in Public, as well as the novel, The Pretty One (Hannacroix Creek Books). For more on this author, go to: or visit the main website for her publishing company: © 2013 by Jan Yager, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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